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Topsider Hurricane Homes

Hurricane and Storm Resistant Homes Built to Last Since 1968

Topsider Homes have withstood many of the most devastating hurricanes, including direct hits from hurricanes Ian and Irma in the Virgin Islands and Florida Keys, Ian, Dorian and Andrew in the Bahamas and Florida, Hugo, Ivan, Katrina and Rita along the Gulf Coast. Each Topsider Home is custom designed and engineered to withstand high winds and to meet building codes in all coastal and hurricane-prone areas. Topsider's record of storm safety and survival over the decades is unmatched.

"After my home was destroyed by a hurricane, I said I would never build another home at the beach front unless it was hurricane proof. A friend told me about Topsider Homes, and after doing the research I decided it was the perfect fit. My Topsider has been through numerous major storms and hurricanes and each time has come through in one piece."

See Below  Joe K., Florida, Topsider Homeowner
This Topsider hurricane resistant pedestal home built in Florida has survived many hurricanes, severe tropical storms and storm surge. Click to view more photos.
Florida coast pedestal home engineered to survive hurricanes. Click to view more photos.
This coastal Florida pedestal home has survived years of hurricanes, tropical storms and storm surge. With unrivaled strength, Topsider's hurricane-resistant houses (on pedestals or pilings) provide safety and security without sacrificing luxury or livability.
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Pedestal, Stilt & Piling Houses Naturally Resistant to High Winds and Storm Surge

Topsider Homes' storm and hurricane-resistant features are the result of a unique blend of modern engineering and state-of-the-art building technology, combined with a time-proven post & beam building system.

"While the destruction on the island [Green Turtle Cay] was devastating to most of the home owners [after Hurricane Dorian], the four [Topsider] houses came through basically unscathed… bottom line, after 45 years and countless hurricanes the [Topsiders] are still standing strong. This is a testament to the quality of the home you build. We will always be a believer in the Topsider design and quality."

- Paul and Karen H., Abaco, Bahamas See Right




This combination creates houses that are structural battleships, resistant to tropical storms, hurricane force winds and storm surge. And because our pedestal, stilt and piling homes for beach front and coastal areas are elevated and often multi-sided in design, storm and hurricane winds flow around, over and under them with far less damage-causing wind resistance than with conventional houses.

  Topsider's Hurricane Resistant Homes in the Bahamas still standing after CAT 5 Hurricane Dorian direct hit.
These vintage 1970s Topsider pedestal homes survived a direct hit from CAT 5 Hurricane Dorian on Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas with sustained winds of 185 mph and gusts up to 220 mph.

Beach front & Coastal Area Houses - Custom Designed and Engineered to Withstand Hurricanes and Meet Local Building Codes

House under construction. Topsider hurricane homes are individually designed and engineered to meet client design criteria and environmental and building code requirements. Each Topsider home is a structural battleships because of our unique post & beam building system.
Completed Hurricane resistant luxury beach house built in coastal South Carolina.
Built near Hilton Head, SC, this hurricane-resistant luxury beach front home features a multi-level telescoping roofline designed for extraordinary ocean views. It includes low-maintenance exterior finishes, high-impact design windows and doors, and is elevated 10 feet on pilings (stilts).

Topsider's in-house design staff and consulting engineers have been designing and specifying beach front and coastal area homes for decades, and are knowledgeable of ever-changing building code requirements from Florida to Hawaii. We are highly experienced working with local building officials and various agencies, including coastal commissions, FEMA, the US Army Corp of Engineers, Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) authorities, and various state agencies, such as Florida's Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

Proper specifications are the key to building a beach front or coastal home that is potentially storm proof and hurricane proof. Learn more about Topsider's approach, its specifications and expertise in custom designing unique pedestal, piling and stilt houses resistant to the effects of severe weather conditions, and the degenerative effects of a tropical climate and salt-air coastal environment.

Popular Piling & Stilt Hurricane House Plans

Hurricane-Proof Home House plans Online
Piling Houseplan PGE-0308 Piling Houseplan PGT-2101 Piling Houseplan PGT-2102 Piling Houseplan PGE-0206 Piling Houseplan PG-2103 Piling Houseplan PG-2101 Piling Houseplan PGT-2104 Piling Houseplan PGT-2103 Piling Houseplan PG-0201 Piling Houseplan PG-2105 Piling Houseplan PGT-2105 Piling Houseplan PGE-0207 Piling Houseplan PG-2104

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