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New 2021 Florida Wind & Wind-Borne Debris
Building Code Requirements

Florida Wind & Wind-Borne Debris 
Building Code Requirements

This illustration shows Florida's New Wind Load and Wind-Borne
Debris Zones. Click HERE for a larger version.

Florida’s residential wind and wind-borne debris regions change frequently. The 2021 requirements are essentially the same as those made in 2012 which significantly enlarged and upgraded wind zone areas and the specification for engineering and fenestrations (windows & doors). Many other coastal states and Caribbean countries who follow Florida’s lead on building codes have also implemented similar changes.

The map at right shows the current wind and windborne-debris regions. The dark areas are those requiring high impact missile-resistant glass. Most noteworthy of the changes is that the previous maximum windload requirement in Florida was 150 mph in The Keys. The current code raises that to 180 mph and increases wind loads for many counties below mid-state from 100 mph to 140 mph and up. Additionally, areas requiring much more expensive high impact, missile resistant windows have nearly doubled and are no longer primarily in coastal areas.

Topsider Homes has been building its post & beam panelized homes in coastal areas of Florida and throughout the eastern seaboard and Gulf for more than 50 years with homes that have withstood the worst hurricanes in history. Our technical staff is well versed in these building code requirements and in dealing with local building departments and authorities throughout Florida and the surrounding states. For more information contact Topsider Homes.

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