Rebuilding After Hurricane Dorian

Topsider’s elevated hurricane resistant homes have been built throughout the world and survived every major hurricane since 1968.

Hurricane proof elevated homes and pedestal houses

Topsider pedestal homes are uniquely designed and engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and survive storm surge and coastal flooding. (Click on photo to view album.)


Rebuilding after a natural disaster like Hurricane Dorian is not a simple task. Topsider Homes has decades of experience with hurricane and flood damage rebuilding – long before Hurricanes Dorian, Florence and Irma struck the Bahamas, Carolinas, the Florida Keys and surrounding areas. We have experience dealing with federal, state and local agencies like FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers and even the SBA and other funding organizations that provide assistance during such events.

Hurricane resistant stilt house design, ideal for rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy.

This elevated stilt house design is an ideal approach for rebuilding after Hurricanes Dorian and Florence. Its unique Post & Beam structural framework and low-maintenance materials provide maximum hurricane wind resistance and keep it safe from storm surge. (Click on photo to view album.)

We will propose new house design concepts and provide general cost guidance so that you will have an idea of the cost to rebuild with a Topsider Home. Also, with no obligation, our technical staff will do preliminary code research and determine the current state of building requirements – which are always in flux after such disasters.  And if you select Topsider Homes we become thoroughly engaged on your behalf in every aspect of your rebuilding project – you are not left to sink or swim on your own.

Long Island, New York elevated stilt hurricane-proof house

This Topsider elevated stilt house was built on the Gulf coast of Mississippi, replacing a home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It is elevated 18-ft. above grade to make it safe from storm surge. Topsider’s hurricane-proof houses include high wind loading structural capacity and high impact windows which provide safety from windborne debris. (Click on photo to view album.)

Topsider’s Homes Survived Direct Hits from Hurricane Irma in the Virgin Island & the Florida Keys.

As a company, Topsider Homes provides in-house design, consulting engineering, and then fabricates easy-to-assemble high-quality home building components – all based on our Post & Beam, panelized technology. Local builders, who we recruit and pre-screen for our clients, assemble and complete the homes. Our services include taking the technical lead for permitting and approvals, builder recruitment, securing builder bids, logistical and project coordination – and technical assistance throughout.

Elevated hurricane home concept ideal for rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy

This imposing coastal home features Topsider’s pedestal foundation and panoramic views from every room. A literal “battleship” of a structure, this hurricane-proof house was built to survive high winds and storm surge. (Click on photo to view album.)

To get the ball rolling, we feature more than 250 online house plan concepts to choose from. Once you have selected a design that generally meets your needs, we will provide you with a No-Obligation Free Cost Estimate for that house built on your property. Ultimately, your home will be individually designed, but this preliminary estimate will provide a starting point from which to work for design and budgetary discussions – and it will help you to know early-on if Topsider Homes is a fit for your needs.

Rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy with concrete foundation with flood vents.

This elevated hurricane-resistant beach house features a reinforced concrete block foundation with flood vents that allow the free flow of water in case of flooding. The ground level provides a spacious 3-car garage.

Hurricane Sandy home rebuilding in New Jersey

Shown under construction, this elevated stilt and concrete block foundation ocean front house in New Jersey shows the enormously strong Post & Beam structure that is an integral part of each Topsider Home.

New  building codes after Hurricane Sandy.

In some areas rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy will require extremely high elevations like this stilt (piling) home under construction. This provides extraordinary panoramic coastal views from every floor level.

Topsider Homes has been designing and shipping elevated coastal homes and hurricane homes built on stilts, pilings and pedestals worldwide since 1968.  We are a building system company and we specialize in low-maintenance, hurricane-proof elevated houses.


Building Hurricane-Proof Homes by Topsider Homes

Topsider Homes are the perfect combination of beauty, function and safety.  They are designed to blend with their surroundings and endure the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them.  Building hurricane-proof homes has been Topsider Homes’ specialty for more than 45 years.

Our coastal, storm-resistant home designs have been built on pedestals, stilts and pilings and have survived decades of major hurricanes, including most recently, Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, Sandy and Irene.  With numerous Topsider Homes built in coastal areas throughout the US, the Bahamas and Caribbean since 1968, we understand the challenges of designing and shipping our unique precision engineered homes to even the most remote locations worldwide.

Hurricane proof home storm resistant coastal house by Topsider homes

Topsider pedestal homes are uniquely designed and engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and survive storm surge and coastal flooding. This ocean front pedestal home photographed during a tropical storm is one of many built since 1968 along the US coastline.

As a company, Topsider Homes’ in-house design and engineering experience allows us to know and stay current on ever-changing coastal building code requirements and regulations both domestically and abroad.  That’s why we take the technical lead for permitting for the coastal homes we sell.

Hurricane Sandy Satellite Image

Hurricanes are nature's most devastating weather systems. Even weak hurricanes typically travel great distances, causing storm surge flooding and devastation over a very wide and long path. Hurricane Sandy worked its way from the Caribbean through Jamaica to the Bahamas then up the Eastern Seaboard to reap havoc and destruction in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.


There is no need to sacrifice appealing home design or livability for structural integrity with Topsider Homes.  Our unique and flexible Post & Beam building system allows each home to be custom designed.  Topsider hurricane homes not only meet or exceed local coastal hurricane building codes, but they also provide enjoyable and spacious interior and exterior living areas with panoramic ocean and coastal views.

Whether a small beach cottage or a large luxury home, we know how to design, specify and fabricate high-quality storm-resistant building components that make coastal building go smoothly and efficiently.  We also understand the degenerative climatic effects of coastal area environments, whether building along the New Jersey shore, the Florida Keys, or in the Bahamas.

By using today’s modern building materials Topsider Homes provides the lowest possible maintenance for even the most severe climates.  These materials include exterior sidings such as HardieBoard™ and LP SmartSide®, both of which are impervious to insects, salt air and moisture – and the use of stainless steel and galvanized fasteners and couplings that are resistant to corrosion and rust in the manufacturing and assembly processes.

Low maintenance Topsider Homes coastal building materials

Today’s modern synthetic materials are resistant to the degenerative effects of tropical and coastal salt-air environments. The vast array now available allows a unique blend of quality, style and resilience to the elements - impervious to rot, mildew and insects.

Prefabricated house building materials by Topsider

Topsider fabricates high-quality building components specific to each of its houses. These 2x6 treated lumber walls and structural components with stainless steel fasteners and galvanized steel couplings are staged and ready to ship to a coastal location.

Prefab hurricane proof stilt home by Topsider Homes

Built on concrete pilings with the living space more than 20-ft above the ground, this elevated stilt home (shown while under construction) is designed and engineered to survive hurricane force winds and to stay safe from coastal storm surge and flooding.

Other materials frequently specified for coastal areas include maintenance-free composite decking material and stainless steel cable railings, as well as windows made of high-impact, missile-resistant glass set in high design pressure vinyl window frames.  These are just some of the materials that Topsider Homes utilizes to ensure the highest quality and lowest maintenance of its homes.

Topsider's structurally superior pre-engineered piling and stilt homes are secure against hurricanes, tropical storms and storm surge. Coastal homes like this one combine modern engineering and building materials with the strength of a time-proven Post & Beam building system. This house features high-impact glass windows, low-maintenance exterior materials and structural capacity able to withstand wind loads of 180 mph.

Luxury prefab hurricane proof coastal home by Topsider Homes

This unique luxury coastal home is built on a marshland waterway on Tybee Island, GA - an area prone to storms. The living levels are elevated and supported on a highly engineered foundation with the ground level enclosed for parking and storage. Flood vents on the ground level allow the unimpeded flow of water during flooding from storm surge without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the house.

Topsider Homes are the ideal solution for building and rebuilding in hurricane- and storm-prone coastal areas.  With an enviable record of safety and resilience along the eastern seaboard of the US and the Gulf Coast against hurricanes like Katrina, Rita, Ivan and Charlie, Topsider’s structurally superior Post & Beam pedestal and stilt homes have stood the test of time.



Captain Ted McDavitt hurricane-proof Topsider home owner


“After Hugo came through, there were some houses with no roofs and windows gone. Some wood houses were just not even there. My Topsider Home looked like there hadn’t even been a hurricane. The house was practically untouched.”


Captain Ted McDavitt, Virgin Islands 
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Topsider hurricane-proof home compound in Puerto_Rico


“Words could not express how relieved I was to see my place virtually unharmed.  We felt so lucky. We knew that our Topsider Homes were engineered to be hurricane-resistant, but [Irene] was such a big hurricane and the island was pounded for so many hours by such high winds, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes.”


Daly Reville, Puerto Rico 

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  Joe Kruse Florida hurricane-proof Topsider homeowner

“After my home was destroyed by a hurricane, I said I would never build another home at the beachfront unless it was hurricane proof. A friend told me about Topsider Homes, and after doing the research, I decided it was the perfect fit. My Topsider has been through numerous major storms and hurricanes, and each time has come through in one piece.” 

Joe Kruse, Florida 

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Hurricane-Proof Home Building in the Florida Keys

Monroe County Florida EmblemTopsider Homes have been built throughout the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West, since the late-1960s. Individual Topsider houses and resort projects featuring pedestal homes and piling (stilt) homes are scattered throughout the Upper and Lower Keys. Our quality hurricane prefab panelized homes have withstood many major storms in the Keys and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, including direct hits from Hurricanes Andrew to Katrina.

Obtaining building permits in the Florida Keys can be an arduous and lengthy process, particularly for new construction on vacant lots. On such lots, Monroe County has a Rate of Growth Ordinance commonly referred to as ROGO which is a point allocation system leading to permission to build once enough points have accumulated. Points are awarded based on a variety of criteria, ranging from age of the submission to the environmental impact of the proposed new house plan. Click HERE for more information about ROGO.

Florida Keys pedestal beach home Topsider


Florida Keys hurricane proof houses Topsider

This Florida Keys resort project features multiple piling (or stilt) houses. These hurricane-proof prefabricated two-story beach houses have sustained many major hurricanes and tropical storms.

The current trend in the Keys is to buy and tear down old houses and replace them with new ones. In most cases, such rebuilds are ROGO-exempt, so the permitting process takes months rather than years. Nonetheless, acquiring necessary approvals still requires meticulous technical work relating to the building site and the house plan design itself. Topsider’s in-house design and technical staffs, together with our consulting engineer relationships in Florida, work with Monroe County building authorities regularly and are very familiar with the various steps necessary for approvals – as are the local Keys builders we refer clients to for building their new Topsider Homes.

Florida Keys two-story stilt home Topsider

This high-quality prefab hurricane-proof Topsider piling (or stilt) home addition built in the Florida Keys provides panoramic seascape views on two levels.

Most new homes built in the Florida Keys must be elevated due to potential tidal or storm surge. Elevated houses are built on stilts, pilings, or on Topsider’s unique pedestal house foundation.  Florida Keys houses must be engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 180 mph. Windows are required to be high design-pressure and have high-impact glass to protect against wind and wind-borne debris. Click HERE to view a map of the current wind loading requirements in Florida. Additionally, Topsider Homes specifies its Florida Keys’ homes with 2×6 treated lumber framing, galvanized and stainless steel fasteners and steel couplings, low-maintenance HardieBoard™ or LP SmartSide® siding, composite decking and stainless-steel cable railings. These specifications help make Topsider’s prefab homes resistant to the salt air and tropical beach environment.

Topsider Homes Survive a Direct Hit from Hurricane Irene

Pool side view of a small Topsider Homes resort in Puerto Rico that survived a direct hit from Hurricane Irene.

Hurricane Irene turned from a tropical storm into a hurricane just 14 miles from making landfall on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico, a picturesque resort island where Daly Reville owns a very intimate and luxurious private rental compound called Los Bohios  The compound features three Topsider Homes surrounding a pool and oriented for picturesque seascape views.

Vieques was blasted with sustained hurricane force winds for hours, while Irene stalled right on top of them.  Daly had left the island for the mainland, and with almost no time to prepare for the storm.  She received reports that the devastation on the island was extensive, and prepared for the worst, with the news that virtually every structure had sustained damage and many had been totally obliterated.

When she returned to Vieques several days later she was thrilled to find her Topsider Homes were unharmed, yet surrounded by devastation in every direction. “Words could not express how relieved I was to see my place virtually unharmed.  We felt so lucky.  We knew that our Topsider Homes were engineered to be hurricane resistant, but this was such a big hurricane and the island was pounded for so many hours by such high winds, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes.  I just had to call Topsider and tell them about this and share our gratitude for the great houses they sold us,” said Daly Reville.