Topsider Kit Homes – Since 1968

These photos from 1968 depict the earliest days of Topsider Homes' unique kit house concept.

Topsider Homes was one of the earliest kit home makers in the US, dating back to 1968.  Its unique octagonal home designs and pedestal home foundations were [and still are] ideal for difficult building sites and locations with panoramic views. The earliest Topsider kit homes included everything down to appliances, carpeting and the finishing touches.  Today, clients pick and choose what they want Topsider to provide.  Some only want the “weather tight” shell components and panels, while others, particularly in remote areas like the Caribbean and South Pacific, want all materials and finishes supplied – often even to include interior furnishings and accessories.


No other kit home or package home company offers the extensive services that Topsider Homes does.  These services range from free in-house design and house plans, builder recruitment [when requested], assistance with all aspects of seeking building approvals, and logistical assistance and general coordination during the construction phase.

Topsider Homes’ house kits go together quickly and easily in “erector set” fashion. And unlike “stick built” and other building component companies, many of Topsider’s designs can be assembled to a “weather tight” state in just days, depending on the size and complexity.