Rebuilding After Hurricane Dorian

Topsider’s elevated hurricane resistant homes have been built throughout the world and survived every major hurricane since 1968.

Hurricane proof elevated homes and pedestal houses

Topsider pedestal homes are uniquely designed and engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and survive storm surge and coastal flooding. (Click on photo to view album.)


Rebuilding after a natural disaster like Hurricane Dorian is not a simple task. Topsider Homes has decades of experience with hurricane and flood damage rebuilding – long before Hurricanes Dorian, Florence and Irma struck the Bahamas, Carolinas, the Florida Keys and surrounding areas. We have experience dealing with federal, state and local agencies like FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers and even the SBA and other funding organizations that provide assistance during such events.

Hurricane resistant stilt house design, ideal for rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy.

This elevated stilt house design is an ideal approach for rebuilding after Hurricanes Dorian and Florence. Its unique Post & Beam structural framework and low-maintenance materials provide maximum hurricane wind resistance and keep it safe from storm surge. (Click on photo to view album.)

We will propose new house design concepts and provide general cost guidance so that you will have an idea of the cost to rebuild with a Topsider Home. Also, with no obligation, our technical staff will do preliminary code research and determine the current state of building requirements – which are always in flux after such disasters.  And if you select Topsider Homes we become thoroughly engaged on your behalf in every aspect of your rebuilding project – you are not left to sink or swim on your own.

Long Island, New York elevated stilt hurricane-proof house

This Topsider elevated stilt house was built on the Gulf coast of Mississippi, replacing a home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It is elevated 18-ft. above grade to make it safe from storm surge. Topsider’s hurricane-proof houses include high wind loading structural capacity and high impact windows which provide safety from windborne debris. (Click on photo to view album.)

Topsider’s Homes Survived Direct Hits from Hurricane Irma in the Virgin Island & the Florida Keys.

As a company, Topsider Homes provides in-house design, consulting engineering, and then fabricates easy-to-assemble high-quality home building components – all based on our Post & Beam, panelized technology. Local builders, who we recruit and pre-screen for our clients, assemble and complete the homes. Our services include taking the technical lead for permitting and approvals, builder recruitment, securing builder bids, logistical and project coordination – and technical assistance throughout.

Elevated hurricane home concept ideal for rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy

This imposing coastal home features Topsider’s pedestal foundation and panoramic views from every room. A literal “battleship” of a structure, this hurricane-proof house was built to survive high winds and storm surge. (Click on photo to view album.)

To get the ball rolling, we feature more than 250 online house plan concepts to choose from. Once you have selected a design that generally meets your needs, we will provide you with a No-Obligation Free Cost Estimate for that house built on your property. Ultimately, your home will be individually designed, but this preliminary estimate will provide a starting point from which to work for design and budgetary discussions – and it will help you to know early-on if Topsider Homes is a fit for your needs.

Rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy with concrete foundation with flood vents.

This elevated hurricane-resistant beach house features a reinforced concrete block foundation with flood vents that allow the free flow of water in case of flooding. The ground level provides a spacious 3-car garage.

Hurricane Sandy home rebuilding in New Jersey

Shown under construction, this elevated stilt and concrete block foundation ocean front house in New Jersey shows the enormously strong Post & Beam structure that is an integral part of each Topsider Home.

New  building codes after Hurricane Sandy.

In some areas rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy will require extremely high elevations like this stilt (piling) home under construction. This provides extraordinary panoramic coastal views from every floor level.

Topsider Homes has been designing and shipping elevated coastal homes and hurricane homes built on stilts, pilings and pedestals worldwide since 1968.  We are a building system company and we specialize in low-maintenance, hurricane-proof elevated houses.


Cayman Island Home Building – Import Duty Savings Extended Until 2020

The Cayman Islands have extended the Import Duty Moratorium for building materials on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac until 2020 – and the 15% savings on Grand Cayman.

Import duty significantly impacts the cost of home building. These changes mean that building materials will come in with no import duty on the Sister Islands and reduced rates on Grand Cayman — where previously the import duty was between 17% and 22%. This is a great opportunity to save on your new home costs and to have that extra value built into your new home once the import duty is reintroduced.

This low-maintenance hurricane-proof house is elevated on short piers (or pilings) and is one of many Topsider house plan ideas for building in the Cayman Islands. Click HERE to see more photos. Watch the video HERE.
New home building materials shipped to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are Import Duty Free until 2020 – and only 15% on Grand Cayman. If you intend to build there, Topsider Homes makes it easy to get started. And with unparalleled services like in-house design, engineering, builder recruitment, permitting and logistical planning, we help make sure your building project goes smoothly.

There are many steps to new home building in the Cayman Islands, beginning with selecting a design concept and then followed by preparing construction drawings and engineering, recruiting builder candidates and receiving their bids, government approvals and permits – and of course, manufacturing the home components by Topsider and shipping. None of these steps happen overnight, so we encourage clients to get started with the preliminaries as soon as possible.

Topsider Homes has been building in the Caribbean Islands for over 45 years. With our unique post & beam, panelized building system, we make it easy to build in the Cayman Islands. As experts in island home construction, our homes and beach houses are designed to be low-maintenance, hurricane-proof and quickly and efficiently built by local contractors. This ensures a higher level of quality and cost control than with typical local “stick built” house construction methods.

Each Topsider Home comes with a comprehensive services package, including design, engineering, builder recruitment, technical assistance for permitting and approvals, logistical and project planning and coordination. We make it easy to build in remote areas, and have been doing so throughout the Caribbean for more than 45 years.

To get started building your Cayman Islands dream home, follow this link to select a house plan concept and get to a no-obligation Free Cost Estimate – or simply click on one of the design collections featured below.


Home Building In The Bahamas – Start Before July 2017 And Save Up To 45% On Import Duty & Tax

Home Building In The Bahamas

Select islands in the Bahamas are Import Duty and Tax exempt. But this moratorium expires June 30, 2017. These islands include all of the Exumas, Long Island, Andros, Cat Island and others. Click HERE to view a complete list. There is a lot to do between now and mid-2017 if you want to beat the deadline and save. It all begins by contacting us or requesting a FREE Cost Estimate.


Beachfront home builders in the Bahamas


This small, efficiently built beach house built on Great Exuma, Bahamas, has two living spaces.

Uniquely Experienced in Home Building in the Bahamas

Bahamas luxury oceanfront beach house


The owners of this home enjoy the peace and serenity of beachfront living in the Bahamas. Click HERE to view this home’s photo album.

We provide in-house design, consulting engineering, and then fabricate high-quality building components based on an easy-to-assemble panelized approach. Local builders assemble the components. We take the technical lead for permitting, builder recruitment and project coordination.


Topsider Homes have been built throughout the Bahamas for over 40 years. We understand the challenges of building there and have developed a comprehensive package of services to make the home building process efficient and predictable.

Unique Bahamas houses on Cat Cay

This beach front Topsider home is a combination of a two-story house and a pedestal foundation design built on Cat Cay Island in the Bahamas. Click HERE to view more photos of this home. Click HERE to view more photos of this home.

High Quality, Low-Maintenance Hurricane Homes
Ideal For The Bahamian Environment

In addition to the natural strength of our massive post & beam structural skeleton and 2×6 panelized framing, each Bahamian home is built with low-maintenance materials. These include LP SmartSiding® and HardieBoard™ siding, stainless steel and galvanized fasteners used in the manufacturing and assembly processes, and treated lumber throughout – and often composite decking with stainless steel cable railings. Windows are high quality vinyl framed with high impact glass and the entire design of each house is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds.

Bahama Home Building House Plans