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Topsider Homes - Clemmons, North Carolina, USA - High Quality Custom Designed Post & Beam Panelized Homes Shipped Worlwide (Internationally) Since 1968.
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Pedestal Homes
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Topsider pedestal homes were the first commercially available in the world – with literally thousands built since 1968. Our unique octagonal pedestal foundation and house geometry, together with our post and beam building system make these houses ideal for severely sloping terrain and for coastal building sites where homes must be elevated for protection against flooding and storm surge.

Elevated pedestal houses ideal for any terrain or climate
Topsider’s elevated pedestal houses can be found throughout the world in diverse settings and climates ranging from sub-tropical remote islands to the Arctic Circle. Click HERE to view houseplan.


Early Topsider pedestal homes were built primarily in mountainous areas. Because of their adaptability to sloping terrain, small foot print, octagon shape and abundant floor-to-ceiling windows, they were (and still are) ideal for panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscape. Over the years they became even more popular as an attractive alternative to pilings and stilts for elevated house building in coastal settings.


Easily & Efficiently Built

Quickly and efficiently assembled pedestal house post and beam construction
The post and beam structure of Topsider’s pedestal homes assembles quickly and efficiently, often in a matter of days.
   Pedestal home walls, roof and floors attached to structural beams.
Floor, roof and wall panels are easily positioned and attached to the large structural beams that support the building's weight.
Pedestal houses engineered to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and heavy snowloads.  
This Pedestal House PD-0524 by Topsider Homes is engineered to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and heavy snow loads.

There are no interior load-bearing walls with Topsider's pedestal building approach. That means each house can have its own custom floor plan with living spaces designed to meet client preferences and lifestyle. Interiors are “stick built” using traditional construction techniques common to all builders. The combination of Topsider’s precision-designed and pre-engineered “weather tight” shell package components and easily built interiors make for fast and efficient construction with only minor building material waste and minimal requirements for staging areas.

Structural Integrity

Topsider’s pedestal structural integrity begins in its foundation, an octagonal concrete room with 10” thick concrete walls sitting atop an 18” to 48” thick reinforced concrete slab footing. From there, Topsider’s unique post and beam structural skeleton cantilevers up and outward with large, laminated southern yellow pine beams, timbers and steel columns – each connected to the other with massive steel couplings. Pre-engineered, precision-made 2x6 (and in some cases 2x8 or larger) roof, floor and wall panels are then affixed to the structural elements with large lag-screws – further strengthening the entire structure. This approach allows our pedestal houses to be easily built in erector-set fashion and to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and heavy snow loads.

Pedestal home foundations blend perfectly into the natural desert landscape.
Pedestal Home PD-0221 by Topsider Homes - Topsider's signature pedestal home foundations allow minimal disturbance to the natural landscape and permit breathtaking panoramic views.
Elevated pedestal house on severely sloping lake lot.
Pedestal Home PD-0528 by Topsider Homes - A Topsider pedestal house foundation was the perfect building solution for building a lake house on this severely sloping lot.

Pedestal Home PL-0201 with Enclosure - Many Topsider Homes' clients enclosed a portion of the ground level around the pedestal for additional living space and as a lower level entry.

We offer dozens of online pedestal house plans (see below) in sizes ranging from small single unit plans of 575 sq. ft. to combinations of multiple units in excess of 4,000 sq. ft. Ultimately each pedestal home we sell is custom designed to meet the needs of our clients, their building sites and local building code requirements.

Pedestal Plans  Enclosed Pedestal Plans

Multi-Pedestal Online House Plans