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Topsider Homes - Clemmons, North Carolina, USA - High Quality Custom Designed Post & Beam Panelized Homes Shipped Worlwide (Internationally) Since 1968.
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About Topsider Homes

Topsider Homes is a custom design and high-quality prefabrication company. We are best known for our unique designs and the thousands of our homes that have been built in every conceivable setting in the US and abroad since 1968.

Post & Beam Structure

All of our designs have an easily assembled massive timber frame post & beam skeletal structure that requires no space-inhibiting interior load-bearing walls. This allows clients the utmost flexibility in interior design without sacrificing structural integrity.

Structural Integrity

A natural characteristic of our post & beam structural system is its extraordinary stability and resilience against hurricanes, earthquakes and heavy snow loads. Topsider structures have an unrivaled decades-long record of surviving whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Design Flexibility

Our unique approach of integrating post & beam technology with any architectural style or foundation type makes each individually designed and engineered Topsider home adaptable to almost any building site, climate or client need.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to the unique designs and a high-quality building system we provide a comprehensive array of services from the earliest stages of a project to the final touches. These include detailed price quotes and local construction estimates, custom architectural drawings and engineering (for builder bids, financing and permitting), builder recruitment assistance, project logistical planning and technical support.

What We Provide

For clients building within the US we provide the major components and materials needed to assemble and build a weathertight shell structure (including floor, wall and roof panels, windows, exterior doors, siding, decking, etc.). We also provide interior framing material, interior doors, cabinets, countertops and hard surface flooring. For clients building outside the U.S., or in particularly remote locations, we usually provide all building materials - and can also provide interior furnishings and accessories as well.

How to Get Started

Choose a home plan design from over 300 online design concepts. Once you've selected a preliminary house design, it's time for a No-Obligation FREE Cost Estimate. This is a detailed cost breakdown of the components and materials Topsider Homes will provide, together with an estimate of local construction costs for your new home. This preliminary estimate provides guidance in helping you understand the projected building costs of your new home.