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"Photo Tour" - Photographs of past Topsider Homes. See images of custom bult homes, with links to house plans and home plans.
Imagination Kit

Your Imagination Kit Includes:

The Imaginative Designs Brochure 

Our beautiful full color brochure featuring hundreds of photos of Topsider Homes in settings ranging from the Arctic Circle to the equator.

"The Home That is a Vacation" 

DVD presentation showcasing Topsider Homes. Also features customer testimonials and explains Topsider Homes' step-by-step approach to home design and construction (VHS tape also available).

Topsider House Plan Booklets

Multiple themed booklets featuring more than 100 house plans and elevations, from our most elaborate Premiere and Classic designs to quaint, one-bedroom cottages and even garages.

Buyer's Guide Brochure 

A comprehensive guide that describes Topsider Homes’ policies relating to buying and building a new home.

... and more!

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