Topsider Prefab Homes are Ideal for Building in Hawaii

Hawaiian mountainside prefab pedestal home by Topsider Homes

This unique Topsider prefab pedestal home was built on a steep mountainside in Hawaii and captures breath-taking ocean views.

Topsider Homes has been designing and shipping prefab homes to Hawaii for decades.  With a wide variety of climates, terrains, soil conditions and other considerations — e.g., earthquakes and hurricanes — building in Hawaii can be a complex undertaking.  Topsider understands these challenges and has the experience and expertise to meet them.

Each Topsider prefab Hawaiian house plan is custom-designed, individually engineered and prefabricated to the highest quality standards to allow it to adapt to local environmental conditions and regulatory requirements.

Many Hawaiian Topsider homes are built on the sides of the island’s mountains utilizing our unique pedestal home foundation.  Others are built on short piers or pilings, and some are simply built on slab-on-grade foundations.  Each home design is customized to homeowner needs and to those of Mother Nature.

Whether you plan to build on the Big Island in a rain-forest area or in a lush and remote location on Kauai or Molokai, Topsider Homes has been there and can make your island living dreams become reality.

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Topsider Homes’ Latest YouTube Prefab Home Assembly Animation

Topsider Homes’ latest YouTube video animation shows how fast and simple it is to assemble its low-maintenance, hurricane-resistant homes built on piers, stilts or pilings for maximum storm safety.

Whether a small getaway cottage or a large primary home, from the foundation to the roof, Topsider’s high-quality precision-made building components fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.  This time-tested building-system ensures fast and efficient home construction.

Topsider prefab home “weather tight” shell and deck assembly photo

Topsider Homes' Post & Beam panelized building system makes building a high-quality hurricane-resistant stilt or piling prefab home simple and easy - even in the most remote locations where limited skilled labor is available.

Click HERE to view our newest YouTube video.  This prefab home assembly animation shows the step-by-step sequence for building a home on short piers, stilts or pilings.

New 2012 State of Florida Wind and Wind-Borne Debris Building Code Requirements

This illustration shows Florida’s New Wind Load and Wind-Borne Debris Zones.

Florida’s residential wind and wind-borne debris regions are changing significantly in 2012.  The new requirements will be officially adopted on January 1, 2012, and effective March 15, 2012 – and these changes will cause new home construction costs to increase.  Plans submitted for permitting prior to March 15, 2012 may be “grandfathered” into the old requirements, so if you intend to build in Florida in 2012, getting started early could result in savings.  Many other coastal states and Caribbean countries who follow Florida’s lead on building codes will soon be implementing similar changes.


The map at right shows the new wind and windborne-debris regions.  The dark areas are those requiring high impact missile-resistant glass.  Most noteworthy of the changes is that the previous maximum windload requirement in Florida was 150 mph in The Keys.  The new code raises that to 180 mph and increases wind loads for many counties below mid-state from 100 mph to 140 mph and up. Additionally, areas now requiring much more expensive high impact, missile resistant windows have nearly doubled and are no longer primarily in coastal areas.

Topsider Homes has been building its post & beam panelized homes in coastal areas of Florida and throughout the eastern seaboard and Gulf for more than 40 years with homes that have withstood the worst hurricanes in history.  Our technical staff is well versed in these building code requirements and in dealing with local building departments and authorities throughout Florida and the surrounding states.  For more information contact Topsider Homes.