Plan Your Retirement Home the Right Way with Topsider Homes

This shower and vanity are wheelchair-accessible and help ensure independent living.

Two building design concepts that are ideal in planning a retirement home are: Universal Design and Aging in Place Design. Universal Design incorporates a wide range of design elements that provide a flexible living environment that will readily adapt to changing needs over the course of a lifetime. Aging in Place Design is about renovating and remodeling existing living spaces to help meet a family’s needs as they age. Topsider’s unique building system and flexible custom designs accommodate both approaches. 

A major factor in planning a retirement home is for it to enable independent living which Universal Design does by providing friendly and functional living environments that work for today and tomorrow – and not just for those with physical limitations. Some of the obvious and easy features Topsider can incorporate into your house design are these:

  • Single level patio home designs.
  • Open living floor plans.
  • Elevators in multi-level homes.
  • Wide hallways and doors.
  • Large bathrooms with walk-in tubs and handicap sizing.
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Cabinets and pantry storage areas with pull-out and pull-down shelving.
  • Multi-level food prep areas.
  • Remote controlled windows and blinds.
  • Multi-tier closets with wide aisles.

One-level patio homes are senior-friendly and among the most popular styles.

Topsider custom designs each home we create with an eye towards architectural synergy with the needs of our buyers – and not just for today. We specialize in personalized spaces and customization, from foundation choices to finishing touches. Let Topsider design your retirement home. Our in-house design staff will discuss these and many more Universal Design features during the design phase of your new home building project.

Introducing Topsider’s New Signature Design Collection

This Topsider design can be customized to fulfill any client's needs.

The new Signature Design Collection is a series of high-style residential neighborhood home designs that are an architectural blend of cottage-craftsman styling and Topsider’s unique multi-sided Post & Beam building system. From the exterior finishes to the floor plans, each Topsider Home and each Signature Design is customized and individualized to meet client preferences by our in-house design staff.


Topsider custom designed luxury prefab homes like this Signature Collection design are ideal for established neighborhoods and primary residential developments

Whether a vacation home at the coast or in the mountains, or an elegant primary home nestled on the perfect lot in the suburbs, Topsider offers unlimited design flexibility.

Building Green, Energy Efficient Homes Since 1968

Topsider's eco-friendly pedestal design foundation allows only minimal disturbance to the natural enviornment.

Topsider’s pedestal home design is the world’s most environmentally-friendly foundation. This unique pedestal foundation approach was originally conceived in 1968 to permit building on difficult terrain with only minimal disturbance to the natural landscape and environment. But beyond this obvious green feature, today’s green building practices have always been Topsider’s practices, focusing on both eco-friendly, efficient design and the utilization of replenishable materials.

Prefabricating homes in an efficient and controlled factory seetting significantly minimizes waste.

One of the major green features of Topsider Homes is their natural efficiency in heating and cooling – the major energy consumption feature of most homes. Topsider’s multi-sided designs have considerably less exterior wall surface than rectangular homes of similar size, and since interior floor plans have few, if any, long hallways, the length of heating and cooling ducts is minimized and is far more efficient. Additionally, Topsider’s standard floor-to-ceiling windows allow passive solar heat gain. For cooling, standard three-feet wide eaves provide summer shading, while rooftop cupolas with operating windows permit efficient ventilation and natural cooling. Combined with Energy Star-rated appliances, high-performance windows, doors and skylights, and the appropriate insulations for each setting, overall energy consumption is significantly minimized.

Topsider Homes uses only lumber and plywood that is farm grown as a renewable resource in each of its prefabricated components. In fact, all of Topsider’s building materials are evaluated with respect to their “greenness.”