Introducing Topsider’s New Signature Design Collection

This Topsider design can be customized to fulfill any client's needs.

The new Signature Design Collection is a series of high-style residential neighborhood home designs that are an architectural blend of cottage-craftsman styling and Topsider’s unique multi-sided Post & Beam building system. From the exterior finishes to the floor plans, each Topsider Home and each Signature Design is customized and individualized to meet client preferences by our in-house design staff.


Topsider custom designed luxury prefab homes like this Signature Collection design are ideal for established neighborhoods and primary residential developments

Whether a vacation home at the coast or in the mountains, or an elegant primary home nestled on the perfect lot in the suburbs, Topsider offers unlimited design flexibility.

Building Green, Energy Efficient Homes Since 1968

Topsider's eco-friendly pedestal design foundation allows only minimal disturbance to the natural enviornment.

Topsider’s pedestal home design is the world’s most environmentally-friendly foundation. This unique pedestal foundation approach was originally conceived in 1968 to permit building on difficult terrain with only minimal disturbance to the natural landscape and environment. But beyond this obvious green feature, today’s green building practices have always been Topsider’s practices, focusing on both eco-friendly, efficient design and the utilization of replenishable materials.

Prefabricating homes in an efficient and controlled factory seetting significantly minimizes waste.

One of the major green features of Topsider Homes is their natural efficiency in heating and cooling – the major energy consumption feature of most homes. Topsider’s multi-sided designs have considerably less exterior wall surface than rectangular homes of similar size, and since interior floor plans have few, if any, long hallways, the length of heating and cooling ducts is minimized and is far more efficient. Additionally, Topsider’s standard floor-to-ceiling windows allow passive solar heat gain. For cooling, standard three-feet wide eaves provide summer shading, while rooftop cupolas with operating windows permit efficient ventilation and natural cooling. Combined with Energy Star-rated appliances, high-performance windows, doors and skylights, and the appropriate insulations for each setting, overall energy consumption is significantly minimized.

Topsider Homes uses only lumber and plywood that is farm grown as a renewable resource in each of its prefabricated components. In fact, all of Topsider’s building materials are evaluated with respect to their “greenness.”

The History of Octagonal Homes and Structures

Octagonal homes originally became popular throughout the United States during the late 19th century, but their recorded history dates back thousands of years. The octagon shape has always been a symbolic architectural theme representing regeneration, rebirth and renewal. The oldest known octagonal structure is The Tower of the Winds in Athens, Greece which was built in approximately 300 B.C. Over the years the octagon has been used in constructing churches and temples for its many spiritual representations. It was during the 1850s that octagonal homes became a popular architectural style, due to the influence of Orson Squire Fowler’s book The Octagon House: A Home For All, or A New, Cheap, Convenient, and Superior Mode of Building (1848). Fowler’s book portrayed to people that there were numerous advantages to an octagonal house plan. One of the advantages of an octagonal design is that the multi-sided shape encloses space more efficiently than its counterpart, the square; therefore, decreasing heat loss and gain. Additionally, an octagonal structure permits more natural light, aiding in the reduction of electric bills for illumination and heating in the winter and from a livability standpoint, octagonal designs allow for panoramic views and easier orientation on the building site.

In the past few decades octagonal designs have been revamped into more contemporary home designs that utilize Post and Beam building techniques. Expert in this application is Topsider Homes, who designs and manufactures its octagonal structures to custom specifications. Topsider Homes provides a new genre of building designs by marrying their unique pedestal foundation to an octagonal structure using a Post and Beam building system. The combination of these design and construction principles has created homes that are “structural battleships,” able to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. Topsider’s unique octagonal homes permit 360 degree views making them very popular in vacation and scenic destinations, such as on the beach or the side of a mountain. They adapt to the terrain and climate of almost any building site and can be built on a wide range of foundation types, including pedestals, pilings, basements, slab and crawl-spaces. These octagonal house designs are ideal for residential areas, retirement homes, home additions and more.